Thursday, September 20, 2012

Birchbox September 2012

It's Birchbox time and this month's theme is fall fashion trends. Here is what I got and please forgive the crappy camera phone photos. My camera has really died this time. Hopefully I can get a new one soon. Until then I'll have to use what I got.

Natural facial exfoliator that mimics microdermabrasion. Left my skin nice and smooth. 
Full size retails for $34

A blend of essential for aromatherapy. I received the Focus (how'd they know?) scent 
which is supposed to aid in concentration. 
Full size retails for $29.00

twistbands are hair elastics that are made of soft elastic. 
A pack of 12 retails for $22.00

These little sample packets are always too small. Not enough product to judge results. Especially  for a lot of hair. The creme felt nice though. 
Full sizes retail at $9.99 for shampoo and creme and $14.99 for conditioner. 

I like this color-It's a very deep gray. Full size retails for $8.00

Mighty Leaf Tea  3 pouches
I've bought Mighty Leaf Teas before and I like them a lot. They've got some great blends. 
Tea in my box is always a win. 
Retails for $9.95 

A gift card for Madewell. $25 on a purchase of $75 or more. 

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