Friday, September 28, 2012

Influenster Naturals VoxBox 2012

I received my Influenster Naturals Voxbox 2012 a few days ago and there were a couple of really cool items in it.  If you've never heard of Influenster, here is a description (via their website) of what it's all about:

   "Community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence to qualify for personalized product shipments, special rewards and exclusive deals from the brands they love. Members love testing the latest products, giving insightful feedback, and spreading the word on their favorite finds"

 The VoxBox is filled with products from various brands.  And members of Influenster (called Influensters), are encouraged to share their thoughts about the products on and social networks (twitter, FB, Blogs, Youtube, etc.,). And the more your share, the higher your chances are to receive other VoxBoxes. The boxes are generally themed, so the Naturals VoxBox  was all about natural products.
Please note that there is no charge to be Influenster and VoxBoxes are sent, free of charge, to specially selected members.
Here is what I got  and I apologize for the bad phone pics but I've got no real camera now :(

from left to right
A dish mat used to air dry dishes. Holds up to 4 times its weight in water.

I did like this deodorant. It held up to its claims for me.
 I made the switch from conventional deodorants/antiperspirants to natural some time ago. It took a while  to adjust but I've been wearing natural (store-bought and homemade) deodorant since, with no issues. Not sure how this product would perform on those who do use conventional deodorants. 

Love it! It's for babies but anyone can use it. 

It does seem to really moisturize but I find it slightly thick and waxy. I don't really like to feel my lip balm. I put it on and then end up taking it off.  It does have some pretty good ingredients but also has mineral oil and petrolatum which are pretty controversial these days. 

Didn't love it or hate it. but it won't be replacing stevia as my no calorie, all natural sweetener. 

This is one of those effervescent vitamin powders that you just add to a cup water. I've had this product before - I was not feeling the taste then and I don't care for it now. Maybe the other flavors taste better than orange. I did notice a slight energy boost though. 

 So convenient to have a couple in your purse when you cant wash your hands. I like them and their earthy smell. 

Oh, I noticed that some people got Desert Essence Coconut Shine and Refine Hair Lotion in their boxes. I would have loved to try that. 

Geodeo Natural Deodorant