Monday, September 24, 2012

My Buys

In a previous post I mentioned a sweet deal from R29 Reserve which was $35 for $70 worth of product at I bought that deal then (May 1) and at the time I was dead set on using it on this travel set. But once I actually placed my order (couple weeks ago) I decided I wanted to spread those dollars around. So here is what I ended up getting. And please note that all photos are sourced from because my camera finally, really hit the dust *cries* :((( and my camera phone photos just really suck. Though I did include one photo at the bottom all of the products.
Click photos for info on products.

Feed Your Do Styling Whip by yarok $23.00

Feed Your Ends Leave In Conditioner by Yarok $17

Heavenly Peach Coconut Virgin Oil bu adara

Sweet Sanura Body Oil by Mbeze $5.00 (travel size )

Ife Body Oil by Mbeze $5.00 (travel size)
Large size pictured because of broken link on Hipapotheca's site. 

Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser by One Love Organics (discovery size)
I really like this brand. I have some samples that I bought some time ago
and I started using them again. My skin loves it.