Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Went On A Little Soap Shopping Spree!

 Here is what I got! Can't wait to try them.
Winter Ruby With Grapefruit, Pomegrante, Red Currants and Honey Soap and Celia's Garden Sea Salt and Seaweed Scrub Soap from The Dirty Housewife Soap Co.

By the Sea, Sea Salt Kelp Vegan Handmade Soap and Sugar Lime Vegan Handmade Soap By DeShawn Marie

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are You Feelin The Etsy Circle?

I logged onto Etsy some days ago (maybe about a week) and I noticed a new feature called the Circle which allows you to sort of keep track of what's going on with other members of the Etsy community. You can add people to your circle by going to their profile and clicking Add to Circle button. And once you have people in your circle you can go to your Activity Feed  and see what items/shops people are marking as favorites, who they're adding to their circle, when they create treasuries, and more.

 I am not sure why, (perhaps eager for a new feature) but for some reason I started using the circle immediately. I added some EAOC team members, owners of my favorite shops, members who added me to treasuries, and others. And I must say that I kinda like this feature so. And I am discovering lots of new items and shops (thanks to my circle members) that I would not have ever known about.   

So are you using the Circle? If so, how do you feel about it and If not, why not?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wishlist: Rio Grande Jewelry Apprentice Tool Kit

I have been making jewelry for well over 10 years and for the past 4 years I have been dipping my feet in and out of metalsmithing. And I have just recently gotten a little more comfortable with working with metals since I got a few tools. And not only am I more comfortable, I am really starting to enjoy metalsmithing. The cutting or sawing (which was extremely challenging to me) and the pounding and sanding are almost relaxing. And I want to do more of it.   I also want more tools and the
Rio Grande Jewelry Apprentice Tool Kit seems to have everything I  need to keep this going. It retails for $1375.00 which is completely out of my budget so on the wishlist it goes....and stays for a while.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Etsy Treasuries! I'm Included!

Here are a few Etsy treasuries that I have recently been included in. Please take a look and feel free to click and comment!  And you can check out all of the treasuries I've made and/or been featured in on my Facebook Etsy Treasuries Album.

My Wood And Brass Chain Earrings were included in these two treasuries:

When Rustic Meets Modern

Black Friday Shake Up

My Wood and Turquoise Earrings included in this treasury:

Winter Thoughts

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Finally Got Some Metalsmithing Tools!

I have taken a few metalsmithing  classes over the past few years (3 classes to be exact)  and I found them very challenging. I took my classes at Lillstreet Art Center here in Chicago which is a little farther from my house than some other art centers but I heard it was the best place to go. So, I took two 10 week classes there and I still felt a little lost and I think it's because I didn't have much time to practice. And though the center did offer plenty of open lab hours, they always conflicted with my schedule. So, I decided that maybe I should give up on metalsmithing.

Then, this year,  I started communicating with Tamara Gentry (who makes beyond awesome jewelry) on twitter (@TGenDS) who happens to be one of the metals instructors at Lill and she assured me that I would learn in her class. So I thought maybe I would give it another go and signed up for her 5 week course. And lo and behold I did feel like I had a better handle of the techniques after the class ) though my cutting skills were still in need of help.)  I then decided that the best way for me to really learn was to buy some of the basic tools and practice at home. So I got online and started looking for kits and some were a little costly so I decided to look for individual items and see if I would come out cheaper that way. And I did! I found a saw frame, v-slot bench pin & clamp, and bur life lubricant all on for a grand total of $29.10 (most kits were going for $40+) And  I already had saw blades so I didn't need to buy any more right then. Next I'll need soldering equipment and maybe a tumbler but I won't worry about that now. I'm going to just focus on cutting out shapes and making little earrings and pendants and I can use the Dremel rotary tool to polish.

Wishlist: Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System

I've known about the Clarisonic cleansing system for a while now and I never really gave it much attention because it's kind of pricey. Plus, I've spent a lot of money, in my more frivolous product junkie years, on products that were more hype than anything - so I've become more skeptical.  However, lately I have been seeing more and more rave reviews on this product. Some users say it totally changed the texture of their skin and they can't live without it. This makes me a little more curious and I really would love to try it but the price (approx. $120+) is just too much for me these day. So on the wishlist it goes. And I have thought about trying some of the knock off sonic cleansers but they didn't have as many good reviews.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Upcoming Events for Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry!

Here are a few events I have coming up for the holidays. If you're in Chicago or the Chicago land area,  please stop by. And if you're not here but know someone who is please let them know about these events. There's gonna be plenty of handmade goodies for everyone!

It Takes A Village 1st annual Christmas Bazaar
Memorial Park Banquet Hall
Saturday, November 27, 2010
12:30 to 6pm
12804 S. Highland Ave
Blue Island, IL 60406
Fee: $1 donation which includes a raffle ticket

It's A Local Holiday Celebration
Whole Foods Market
Saturday, December 11, 2010
1pm to 4pm
1101 S. Canal St
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Free Admission

Elbo Room
Sunday, December 12, 2010
2871 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657-4201
Free Admission

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wishlist: Huetiful Hair Steamer

I have been seeing and hearing a lot of buzz about the Huetiful Hair Steamer especially amongst women with kinky, curly and coil-y hair. I've seen YouTube reviews and have heard people that I've met at natural hair meet ups  rave about it.

The Huetiful website states that steamer will improve the condition of hair by doing the following:
  • Restores moisture to your dry hair 5x better than deep conditioners or hair treatments alone
  • Opens up your hair cuticle to allow your conditioners and hair treatments to work more effectively
  • Bathes your hair follicle with warm, ionized mist to replenish moisture lost from chemical or heat treatments
  • Reduces future breakage and split ends caused by dry hair
  • In colder months, keeps weather-dried hair moisturized and strong
The steamer retails for $114.95 ( but is out of stock right now) which is a bit much for me these days so it will remain on the wishlist for a while. However, there is a giveaway going on now that I entered. Hopefully I win!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Additions To My Etsy Shop!!!

I am trying to get in to the habit of adding more items to my shop more frequently which isn't always easy. Especially since I am trying to do so many things in so little time. For instance, I am looking for work (as so many people are), I'm always working on new items, taking photos and editing them, and I have several craft shows ahead. Plus, I have a sometime-y camera and computer so something that should take 10 minutes ends up taking 30. Anyway, enough about that. Here are my newest items with more to come in a few days.

Wood, Brass, and Turquoise Earrings

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!

I am sponsoring a giveaway over on the iRocklocs Facebook Fan Page. One winner will receive a Hammered Brass Necklace and Earrings Set! Click HERE for more details!

Latest Additions To My Etsy Shop!!!

I've added a few pair of earrings to my shop. They are all beaded hoop earrings made with Swarovski crystals and tarnish resistant silver plated or brass plated wire. let me know what you think.

Black Jet and Hematite Swarovski Crystal Beaded Silver Hoop Earrings

Black Jet and Hematite Swarovski Crystal Beaded Gold Hoop Earrings












Gold Aurum 2x Swarovski Crystal Beaded Hoop Earrings



Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Item! Green Aventurine Multi Strand Bracelet!

I just added this lovely Multi Strand Green Aventurine Bracelet to my shop! It is wire wrapped with silver plated wire and has a base metal silver toggle clasp and spring rings. It's simple  but chunky and is approx. 8 inches long.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheap Eats: World Market Classic Soup Mix

I was in World Market a few days ago and I came across some dry soup mixes. They were only $3.99 and the label said one mix served 8 people. I thought that sounded like a great deal so I decided to give it a try. I bought two of the mixes (bistro style lentil, tomato tortellini) and there were several other varieties. 

I tried the tomato tortellini one last night and it was pretty good. The directions were pretty quick and easy.   Add the soup mix (minus the tortellini) to 7 cups of water and an 8oz can of tomato sauce. Bring to a boil then simmer for 15minutes. Then add tortellini and simmer another 15 minutes. I, of course, did a little tweaking and sauteed a little onion and garlic in the soup pot (before adding water and mix). And I added a few more herbs and some frozen kale greens. 

Overall I thought the soup mix was quite good. It's all natural (though not organic) and the ingredients are very simple. It has nice a level of flavor and spice's cheap. So, I will definitely go back to World Market and try some of the other varieties of this mix.   

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BGLH Fall Naturals Event! I'll Be There!

I will be selling my jewelry at the  BGLH Fall Naturals event this coming Saturday and I hope there is a great turnout! If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by. Here is all of the information about the event:

October 9, 2010
BGLH Fall Event                                                                       
Murphy Hill Gallery
3333 W. Arthington 
Chicago, IL 60624  

Please email   if you need more information about this event.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Won the Happy Mango Beads Trash to Treasure Contest!

Yay! I won a $25 gift certificate from Happy Mango Beads. I entered their Trash to Treasure beading contest and won the prize for my category which was called Trash To Cash. You can see the who won the grand prize and other categories by clicking HERE!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Additions To My Shop!

I've added a few items to my shop this week! Here they are and please click the links to head to the shop.

Carnelian and Copper Necklace

Agate and Leather Necklace

Sterling Silver and Bali Bead Necklace

Fluorite and Gold Filled Necklace

Happy Mango Beads Trash To Treasure Beading Contest!

I entered a beading contest for the first time (in a long time). The contest was put on by Happy Mango Beads and it was called Trash to Treasure. The general rules of the contest was to create an item of jewelry out of something old and/or recycled and recyclable materials. I liked the idea of the contest so I decided to enter and I also thought it would get my creative juices flowin. What I created was pair of earrings made from portions of  Kombucha Wonder Drink cans which were on sale 5 for $5 at Whole Foods. I liked the logo on the can so I decided to cut it out and create around it. Anyway, here are photos of the materials and the earrings! And click here to check out other Trash to Treasure entries on Happy Mango Beads' Facebook Page.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Sale! 20% off Everything!

I’m having a Labor Day Weekend Sale! 20% off everything! Items have already been marked down! Please click here to visit my shop and enjoy!