Friday, August 19, 2011

Newest Additions To My Etsy Shop! (Very Pic Heavy)

hHi everyone! Over the past couple weeks I've listed quite a few new items to my etsy shop. I hope you all like them.

Brown Recycled Leather and Turquoise Cuff

Vibrant Blue Agate Slab And Copper Necklace

Black Recycled Leather And Green Leather Cuff

Green Variscite and Brass Chain Necklace

Long Gray Tagua Nut Slice And Gold Chain Earrings

Black Recycled Leather and Vibrant Blue Agate Cuff

Long Light Blue Tagua Nut Slice and Silver Chain  Earrings

Wide Agate Cross Ring

Wide Agate Cross Brass Ring

Green Agate And Brass Cuff

Purple Shell And Gold Chain Ladder Earrings

Blue Shell And Gold Chain Ladder Earrings

Brown Recycled Leather And Magnesite Cuff

Wood And Gold Chain Earrings

Magnesite, Turquoise, and Wood Chain Necklace

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Mesmerized By Mr. Porter!

I was in a bead shop when a gentleman walked in and he wanted to recreate a bracelet that he saw on a website called Mr. Porter which offers men's clothing, accessories, style tips, and more.  This man pulled up the Mr. Porter. website on his iPad. I took a peek; I  was sort of mesmerized. The site was very clean, smooth, and I really liked the overall style. I found myself  regularly checking out the site and really enjoying what I was seeing. And not only did I enjoy browsing the site but I also liked reading some of the articles and interviews. And please note that I (sadly) do not generally pay much attention to men's websites (or fashion, accessories, products, etc...) so I don't have many references to compare. I just know that I like this site and it has given me the gentle push I needed to check out what guys are up to when it comes to fashion and accessories. Especially since I am being constantly asked when I will start making men's jewelry.  Oh, and the answer to that men's jewelry question is soon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Items Are Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! I know I have been missing in action but life has been a little hectic lately (I'll spare you the details). I have not have much time or energy to blog or be active on all of my social networks. I have even abandoned a few of those networks including both of my tumblrs. I think the last post I made on my soapfiending tumblr was in March. And despite my absence from Tumblr, this photo is being reblogged like crazy. Maybe it's because the creator of those soaps was one of Etsy's featured sellers in May (I think). Who knows? Anyway, I have seen a few lovely soaps from one of my favorite shops on Etsy, so maybe I'll post a couple just for old times sake.

Anyway, I've said all that just to say that I will be adding a few new items in my shop very soon. Including recycled leather cuffs and metal cuffs. I'll make sure to keep you posted.