Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My First Deciem - The Ordinary Order!

I got my first Deciem order some days ago and I'm really excited to try everything. They have several different lines but I got items from the super popular The Ordinary line. This line offers  a range of items from facial oils, acids like AHAs, BHAs and retinols, vitamin serums, foundations, and more. All at extremely budget friendly prices. I'm talking $5-$7 bucks for many of the products.

I heard about this line pretty much when it launched and I was definitely intrigued. However I didn't purchase right away despite the affordability. I just kinda made a mental note to try it someday. Well that mental note wasn't needed because I've been seeing and hearing about the line ever since. It was (and is) on all the blogs, YouTube, social media, magazines, and online beauty publications, and more. With many rave reviews to boot. 

So naturally I became more and more interested in trying some of these products. And one day, I decided to place an order. Well, just so happens that the items I wanted were out of stock. Not for just a day or two, but for weeks and weeks. Meanwhile, these same products were available on amazon and eBay for double and triple the price. Shout out to the resellers! 
So I signed up, on The Ordinary's website,  to be notified when the items were in stock.  After a few weeks I got emails stating that the items I wanted were available. HOORAY! I ordered right away. I got four items:  Glycolic Acid 7% Solution , Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%, Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA 2% Spheres, Alpha Lipoic Acid 5%.  The total cost for my order was $27.80; that's a fraction of the cost for many skincare products that contain these active ingredients. Plus shipping is free if your order two or more items. 

My main skincare goal right now is re-texturizing. And all of these products pretty much address this issue. Of course, I can't use them all at once-using acids together and/or with vitamin C is not recommended. This can cause major irritation. Also, when using a bunch of new products at once, it's harder to tell what's making a difference. For better or for worse.  So I started (for no particular reason) with the Glycolic Acid 7% Solution during my nighttime routine. And so far, so good. I've been using it for about three weeks and I'm seeing some results with smoother and brighter (less dull) skin. I'll be switching these products out soon and taking note on how each of them work for me. And perhaps I'll come back with reviews. Stay tuned!

Have you tried this line before? If so, how are/were your results.