Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coconut Bliss-A Yummy Treat!

I was walking through a Whole Foods one day (and I say through because I had not planned to do any shopping there but was on my way to Micheals which is in the same building) when I saw a table of samples for Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss which is a non-dairy frozen dessert made with coconut milk. Anyway, I walked by picked up a sample, tasted, and it was so yummy. The flavor I tried was Cherry Amaretto, and I am not usually a fan of fruity fruity flavors (more of a chocolate, caramel, coffee, chai type gal) but this was pretty awesome. It was not too sweet and was very creamy and I wanted to buy some then and there but I spent too much money buying stuff for craft shows and holidays. However,I did buy some this weekend-I got the Vanilla Island flavor which was quite yummy. I plan to try the other flavors too which are :Pineapple Coconut, Naked Almond Fudge, Naked Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Island, Mint Galactica, cappuccino, Cherry Amaretto, Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge, and Strawberry Lemon Love. I'm especially excited to try Naked Almond Fudge and Cappuccino-I'll make sure to update with how I like them.

I've Been Quite Busy!!!


Well it's the holiday season and If your are a crafter like me it's a really busy time. Especially when you've got craft shows to do, boutiques to submit to, and gifts to make for family and friends. Personally, I have spent the last month making jewelry for the aforementioned reasons. I've had one craft show already which took place this weekend (The Handmade Market) and I did quite well but I did not take many pics because I am still working on getting my table display to look better (it's still a little messy as you can see). I am doing this same show next month on Dec. 12. Also, the owner of the one shop where I sell jewelry (Habit, 1951 W. Division, Chicago), wants me to submit a few more pieces so that there is a nice amount of stock for the holidays. Plus, I've got few custom orders to fill. So I have allowed myself to relax for the last couple days because I know it's full speed ahead from here until January! Whew!

I Got My Prize from Weleda!!!

In my previous post I informed you all that I won a gift set from Weleda during a Twitter contest. And I got that prize last Thursday (I know I'm late posting about this but I've been a little busy). What I received was a gift set which included the Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash,Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil, a loofah, and info about their products all encased in a lovely little reusable bag. I used the body oil immediately and it felt really great, quite moisturizing, and had a lovely scent. The body wash is great too and lives up to the name "creamy" and it smelled really wonderful also.Overall I really like these products and I love Weleda, their philosophy and mission.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Won a Gift Set from Weleda! Woot!

I am pretty excited because I won a gift set from Weleda (from their new Pomegranate line). It all happened on Twitter. I was reading through tweets as usual when I saw their tweet which was sort of like a trivia question. Their followers were asked to retweet the question along with the correct answer-so I did! And I do these types of Twitter retweeting contests all the the time so I answered the question and didn't think much of it. In fact I got off of Twitter shortly after, but of course I got back on later and saw Weleda mention me. They needed my mailing info so that they could send me my prize. Needless to say I was very glad to win and I can not wait to try the pomegranate products. I'll let you all know how I like them.