Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday! Early Etsy days.

These are the first few items I sold on etsy. Look how terrible these photos are. LOL. That first item was from 2008 and etsy was a different then. You could get away with not having the best  photos and many shops (mine included)  were a mishmash of  the sellers' handmade items.

Then Etsy started changing. Photos became paramount. And the collective look of a shop was extremely important -from the banner on down.  As etsy started to change I soon learned that I need to change too. Especially since my sales were little to none.  I began to pay more attention to what was working for successful sellers/shops and tried to implement those changes into my shop. My photos (slowly) got a little better and I'm still working on getting the best shots. Also, I spent more time editing the sections of my shop such as the bio, shipping policies, payment,etc,...  And don't even get me started on SEO, tagging, branding, and all that-i'm still working on getting that down.  Also, as social media exploded, I made sure to join the networks that could possibly help me reach customers. Some of them seemed ineffective but I still decided that it was better to promote on those networks than not. Though I must admit that I've dropped the ball a bit on the social media side. But I plan to change that and make other changes too. Especially making more jewelry!!!!! I've been so busy trying to promote the few items in my shop instead of making more stuff. But trust me, new items will be rolling out soon.

Anyway, those were my early etsy days and though my shop and brand  is not where I'd like it to be, it's much better than where I started.

October 2008

October 2008

April 2009

September 2009

Here and now

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