Friday, September 26, 2008

My Fave Acne Solutions

I have dealt with acne most of my adult life and have had quite a few major breakouts. My worst breakouts happened in my 20s and I tried many products to try and help. I used over the counter, drugstore, prescription, and department store products and spent plenty of money trying to find a solution. I tried a few systems too like Proactiv and Murad. None of the products seemed to help but I just kept slathering stuff on in hopes of clear skin. Little did I know that not only were these product not helping-they may have been making my acne worse. Most of these products were full of chemicals and at that time I never paid much attention to anything more than the active ingredients.

Then I decided to change my eating habits. I ate more fruits, veggies, and I read labels of every food product before buying-this was to make sure that the ingredients were natural. As I began to read food labels I also began reading ALL of the ingredients in my skincare products. I researched many of these ingredients and they were mostly chemicals designed to enhance the look, feel, and smell of the products. I then decided I would try to find natural options for skincare and at that time there were not very many options. Though as time went on I saw more and more natural products pop. I tried many of these products and some of them were ok but I had plenty of failures.

Finally, after much trial and error, I found a few products that have helped me stay pretty clear. I remove my make up with coconut oil or watermelon seed oil. Also, I stopped using fancy cleansers and now use Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Liquid Soap. I tone with diluted tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar, and/or witch hazel. I also sometime use Na-pca spray (non-oily) lotion from Twinlab. All of these products are pretty inexpensive and can be found at,, and other online store.

One of the more pricey products I use is Mychelle Clear Skin Serum which runs from about $25 to $35. I found this product worked very well and I have spent way more than $35 for skincare before. Mychelle products can be found at whole foods,,, and the Mychelle

A couple of other products I like are from a California based company called My favorite products from Sumbody are the Save Our Skin (S.O.S) Facial Serum ($29.95) and the Zapper Zit ($14.95). Last but not least comes the moisturizer. My skin tends to be oily and many beauty people will tell you that If you are oily, and don't moisturize, your skin will produce more oil. Then some other beauty experts will say you can skip the moisturizer because your skin is already producing what moisturizing products are trying to emulate. I have decided to moisturize but only at night. I use Bee Yummy's Skin Food and it has become my favorite moisturizer to date. It is made from honey, honey cappings, propolis and other good stuff. I have been using it for about a year and I feel it has help my skin clear up. Bee Yummy Skin Food can be found at and It comes in three sizes- 2 oz for $29, 4 oz for $49, and 16 oz for $147.

I do sample other product from time to time but these products are my mainstays.