Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Fave Solid Perfumes

Many years ago my mom worked for Avon so there were always perfume and body products around. There were especially lots of perfumes that were packaged in collectible or keepsake bottles and containers. I was especially fond of a locket that had solid perfume in it-I thought it was so cool.

Now, I have recently been seeing solid perfumes popping up again, so of course I had to check them out. So far I have bought solid perfumes from Pacifica- pacificaperfume.com and Lush Cosmetics- lush.com. I went totally wild and bought way too many perfumes from both places. For instance, I bought about five perfumes from Pacifica. They were $8.95 each and %15 percent off-so I just went for it. The scents I bought were Tuscan Blood Orange, Brazilian Mango Grapefruit, Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Bali Lime Papaya, and Malibu Lemon Blossom. I like them all especially the Blood Orange. Plus Pacifica also has spicy and woodsy scents like sandalwood and amber-If u don't like the fruity stuff.

When I bought the Lush perfumes I got about four at $12 and some change. The scents I got were American Cream, Silky Underwear, Champagne Snow Showers (seasonal), and Honey I washed the Kids. These fragrances come from other popular Lush products that have been around for years (conditioners, powders, soaps). I then returned to Lush and bought Go Green and Fever. I like the Champagne Snow Showers the most-too bad it is only around during Christmas.

Now, that may seem like way to many fragrances for one girl to have, but I'm obsessed. Plus, I love to layer scents and solid perfume are perfect because they are usually pretty subtle. And they last a long time. I also like the idea of not smelling like everyone else- so I mix and match scents all the time. Even if I have a fragrance that smells just ok- I can add something and make it great. Yay me!!!

Both Pacifica and Lush use organic ingredients in their solid perfumes . The perfumes are also vegan. Yay them!!!!