Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Fave Workouts

My favorite workout dvds of the moment are from Women's Health Magazine (womenshealthmag.com). There is the Total Workout in Ten which have 10 minute routines each of cardio, upper body strength, lower body strength, and flexibility/balance. There is also a bonus core strength segment. I like this format because it allows you to customize your workout. You can do one ten minute routine (if you're feeling lazy, or dont have time) or build the routines to workout your whole body. I find the intensity of these routines to be moderate. They are not too hard but if you never workout it will be difficult. Three pound hand weights are used for this dvd but I use 5 lbs dumbells. The bonus core power segment requires a balance ball.

My other favorite is the Ultimate Fat Burn which claims to burn up to 500 calories. It also claims to rev up your metabolism-so you are burning calories when you're resting. This workout combines two cardio blasts and two strength training blasts. There is also a warm up and a cool down stretch session. I would say this workout also has a moderate intensity level. Though the stronger you get the easier it will become. And I defintely have become stronger with these workouts. Three pounds hand weights are used for this workout.

The trainer on both dvds is Amy Dixon who I find very easy to workout with. She is not too over the top, corny, super- hyped, or annoyingly smiley like other trainers -but still manages to motivate. There are also 6 or 7 other participants working out with her. One of these ladies perfom easier or modified versions of some of the moves. I find this helpful for those times I don't have as much energy.

I bought both of my dvds from Amazon.com but I am sure they can be found at other video retailers.