Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Out and About: Free Makeup Class at Sephora!

I was wandering (aimlessly) at Sephora a couple of week ago when an associate asked if I would be interested in attending a makeup class. She gave me the rundown on what the class would be about and when it would take place. I was nodding slowly until she said the magic word, Free. Then I quickly agreed to take the class, although it was at 10am on a Sunday. And, I think I do an ok job with my makeup, I'm always open to learning more.

When I went to the class and there were about 15 other ladies there. Tables were set up with makeup brushes, products, mirrors and a clipboard with a form to jot down notes. This particular class was called Standout Eyes. We learned how to do a basic eyes into eveinig smoky look. There were about 3 instructors One worked on a model while the other two gave us hands-on help. And several ladies needed plenty of help because they never really wore makeup.

I didn't need very much help since this was such a basic eye. I did learn a new technique though. It's called tightlining which is lining the underside of your top lid; right under the lashline. I tried this technique and it really did make a difference. That was a great take-away from this class and I'll definitely be incorporating it into my routine.
Another take-away was goodie bag that had two full size products inside. And please note that I had no idea there would be freebies (though I hoped so). The products I got were Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream and Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

Overall, I had a nice time.  I even signed up to try another class in a few weeks. I think it's on lashes. I'll keep you posted on that one. And I'll try to take a few more pictures.