Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Fave Fragrance: MCMC Phoenix

I have a new favorite fragrance and it's called MCMC Phoenix and I fell in love with it after getting a sample in my November 2012 birchbox . I wanted to get the full size but I didn't want to spend money (budget woes) and I didn't want to use so many of my Birchbox points.I don't think I had that many at the time. 

 Well, a couple weeks ago, Birchbox had sort of a flash sale and the Phoenix rollerball was only $25. FYI, I love rollerball and solid perfumes.  I wasted no time buying it. And yes, I used my points instead my cash. Those points really do come in handy when you want products but don't want to spend money. I'm so glad I got it. 
It's smells really great to me. Warm but still fresh, clean and not really sparkly. Plus, it's natural and it lasts; I still love it at the end of the day.I love it so that I'm curious to see what the other MCMC fragrances smell like. You can check them out on the MCMC site.  

Here's a little bit about MCMC Phoenix from

"Phoenix is about a girl I know. With fair skin and light blond hair, she’s ethereal and beautiful like a mythical fire bird. When I call her she does not come, but she floats in and out of my life.  
With top notes of peach and cherry blossom, gradually giving way to sturdy Tunisian neroli and a light, powdery vanilla"

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