Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yum Yum Candles!

Soy Tin Wax Candles

Soy Massage Candles

In a couple of older posts I mentioned that I once worked as a wardrobe assistant on a road tour. And where do people on road tours sleep? In stinky hotel rooms of course! Well.... Not all of the hotel rooms we're smelly but quite a few were. And that meant it was time to pull out the scented candles. So this is sort of where my love for candles started because I hardly ever used them before this tour. However, I use them all time and one of my new favorite places to buy them is Yum Yum Candle.

I first heard about them on Twitter (yes Twitter again) where I am finding a lot of new cool small/indie businesses. One of the popular beauty bloggers I follow on Twitter (@afrobella) mentioned Yum Yum so I decided to follow them(@YumYumCandle) and check out their online shop. And the first items I noticed were the soy massage candles which are the best of both worlds; fragrance for the air and your bod plus moisture. So when I placed my first order I got the soy massage candle in the Clean fragrance (also comes in Coco Lavender) which is light, fresh and indeed smells clean. I also got a soy wax candle in a scent called Cashmere which is warm, cozy, and a little woodsy. I really liked both candles a lot and I especially loved the scent Cashmere. In fact, I loved Cashmere so much that I asked Yum Yum if they could make a custom massage candle in that scent so I could smell like it; they made one for me and I am soo happy with it.

Needless to say I am pleased with my candles and look forward to getting more.
I must also mention that they offer other home fragrance products such as Reed Diffusers and Room & Linen Sprays and they also have seasonal items and holiday gifts.

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