Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Latest Creations!

Here a few photos of some of the jewelry I've made lately. I've been using a lot of leather (recycled from other items), brass and copper ( because their much cheaper than other precious metals), and other materials that I have had for some time but have never used. I did have these items available for sale at the last craft show worked but, they did not sell *sadface*
And I am not sure If I want to list to Etsy right now either. We shall see what happens! Please let me know what you all think. And if anyone is interested in any item just let me know in the comments, on Etsy conversations (jazjewelz.etsy.com), or on my Facebook Fan Page.

Labradorite, Leather, and Sterling Silver Necklace

Flourite and Copper Necklace

Leather, Agate, and Sterling Necklace

Rainbow Foourite and Sterling lariat

Black Tourmaline and Sterling Necklace

Leather and Chrysoprase Earrings

Leather, Brass, and Chrysocolla Necklace

Leather, Agate, and Brass Necklace

Leather, Carnelian, and Brass Necklace


  1. The leather and agate creations are my favorite. I do like the leather that I am seeing lately, from a lot of the Indie Jewelers.

  2. Thanks Smell Goods Lady! I have had those agate pieces for years and never quite knew what to do with them. I finally came up with those pieces with the leather. And I think leather is popular with Indie Jewelry makers right now because it is soo inexpensive (especially when you buy used like I do:)