Friday, October 31, 2008

Great Natural Soaps From Texas!!!!!

For about 4 and ½ years I traveled as a wardrobe assistant with a touring show. I have had the chance to see most of America’s major cities and some small towns also. If we stayed in a city more than one day or had a day off I would definitely try to eat and do shopping at some local spots. During my shopping, I would always look for cool local, handmade items-especially food and beauty products. And I found some great soaps while in Austin, TX.

I must mention that I had barely anytime to do any shopping while in Austin. Our tour bus arrived at our hotel at about 1:30 pm and we had a show that night. I, being a wardrobe assistant, had to be at the show place 3 hours before showtime (8 pm), so I had to be back on the bus at 4pm to head to the venue. That just gives me a few hours to grab something to eat, and what ever else I could squeeze in. So, as soon as we pull up to the hotel my friend and I got off the bus (we usually wait to get room keys from our road manager) and walked around the see what was nearby. Our hotel was one of those residence type places and it was in sort of a secluded area. We walked quite a while before we saw anywhere to go. Then we came upon a Whole Foods store. We were glad because at least we could grab a decent lunch and some healthy snacks for the road. Along with shopping for food and snacks, I also shopped for toiletries. I can never enter a Whole Foods or any other health food store without checking out the bath and body product. And Whole Foods usually have some products that are made by locals companies. As I was looking for soap I found a few local Texas brands that I really like. Here they are:

Austin Natural Soap - These soaps are handmade in Austin,TX and are all natural. Essential oils, plant extracts, and moisturizing oils and butters are used to make these soaps. I bought the Barton Springs Eternal soap bar which is scented with clary sage, rosemary, vetiver, and rosewood essential oils. This bar also uses shea butter and almond oil to moisturize, and spirulina gives the bar a green color. Plus, 10% of the proceeds of this bar go to preserve Barton Springs in Austin. Austin Natural Soap also sells perfumes, massage oils, lip balms, and other bath and body products.

A Wild Soap Bar - Soaps from this company are all natural and some of them are organic. They use olive oil, essential oils, botanicals and other earth friendly, human friendly ingredients. I bought the Mustang Grape Soap which is made with antioxidant rich grape skins and essential oils. I really loved the scent of this soap and their website says that Mustang is a best seller. I also bought a few more soaps from A Wild Soap Bar, but this was after the tour ended so I bought the others online. Here are the others I got: Bluebonnet, Passionflower,Sea Scrub, and Prickly Pear. A Wild Soap Bar also sells body balms, products for men, children, pets,your teeth, and the laundry. Plus they donate some of their proceeds to a few good causes.

Anne's Naturally - These soaps are natural and made with all type of moisturizing oils and scented with essential oils. There wine and goat's milk in some of the soaps. I bought a few of the specialty wine soaps which are Champagne and Chardonnay. I really loved the scent of these two soaps-they were kindy fruity but not overpowering. Anne's Naturally also sells lotions, bath gels, bath salts and other bath and body products. Plus they have products for men, babies, children, gardeners, and pets.

Well, this little shopping trip was all I had to chance to do in Austin,TX. We left pretty early the next day so maybe I will get to visit again sometime. I did enjoy scenery on my way in and out of Austin. The houses on the hills were really nice.

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