Friday, June 26, 2009

A Michael Jackson Memory!!

On yesterday, June 25, 2009, pop legend Michael Jackson passed away. I was on the internet when I found out. In fact, I was on Twitter on which the news of him being rushed to the hospital and dying was spread hours before I heard it on CNN or local news. At first I really did not believe the news I saw on Twitter-I thought they were just rumors and/or a hoax. Then I finally heard confirmation on the local news and I was really saddened. And despite all of the bizarre happenings and scandals that happened in his latter years-there is no denying that Michael Jackson was super talented. And he had one of the greatest impacts on pop culture and the world for that matter.

Now I would like to share one of my favorite Michael Jackson moments. It is from a movie called The Wiz which is an African-American adaption of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz .Enjoy!

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