Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Fave Online Shop!

Yup! I have found yet another online shop to burn up my cash. The name of the shop is and it specializes in raw foods and is also a community network for people who are interested in or already live a raw foods lifestyle. They sell all types of raw food snacks, nuts, dried fruit, superfoods, vitamins, supplements, teas, dehydrators, sprouters (getting one soon-tired of paying top dollar for sprouts), etc... Now, I am not one who only eats raw or organic but I do include raw and organic in my diet. And I especially like some of the snacks that I have found on rawguru like the Gopal's Goldenberry Brazil Nut Cookie (made with only brazil nuts, agave nectar, and organic goldenberries) which does not taste exactly like a traditional cookie but it tastes good to me. In fact, most items of the raw items I have tried do not taste exactly like their traditional counterparts (cookies, chocolate bars, jerky,etc..) but I still like them. And besides, many of them (raw snacks) are a little healthier and have more nutrients for the calories. Needless to say I am gonna be doing a little more shopping on in the days to come.