Friday, November 9, 2012

Conscious Box via Pure Citizen (unboxing #1)

A couple weeks ago I posted about a deal which was 3 Conscious Boxes for $29.95 via Pure Citizen. I purchased that deal and got my 3 Conscious Boxes about a week later. I was really pleased with my boxes and made videos of me opening all three. I decided to split the videos up because there were quite a few items in each box.  And I didn't want to have my videos go over ten minutes. So here is the video of what was in the first box. And I will link the other videos/posts so that you can see them all. Feel free to rate (video), subscribe comment (here or youtube).



                              Unboxing #2
                              Unboxing #3
                               A few things got mixed around as I took pics so you might see items here
                               that that are not in the vid. What I've already sampled is:

                               Barlean's Fish Oil -tastes pretty good but a little fishy in the end

                               Avalon Organics Shower Gel and Lotion- the shower gel cleansed
                               well (not much lather) and the lotion was lightly moisturizing. The lavender
                               smell was mild.
                               Joy's Teaspoon Lemon Zest tea- I really .liked this blend.  The tea
                              was loose leaf in a filter bag and tasted very fresh.