Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cool Deal: 3 Conscious Boxes for $29.95 via Pure Citizen

Hi all! I wanted to share a very cool deal which comes via Pure Citizen (a site that offers deals from companies that do good). The deal is  for 3 Conscious Boxes at only half the price-$29.95. And if you haven't heard of Conscious Box, it's a monthly subscription service that offers 10-12 products that are vegan, fair trade, certified organic, cruelty free, and more. Although Conscious Box is a monthly subscription, this deal is not for that service but for 3 boxes that will arrive all at once-no subscription necessary. All for $29.95!  And please note that the monthly subscription sells for $19.95/month ($12 + $7.95 shipping). So this is a deal that I cannot pass up. And when I get my boxes, I'll definitely share what I got with you.

This deal ends on 10/21. You must buy your voucher and use it before midnite 10/21.

Check out the deal HERE
Learn more about Pure Citizen HERE
Learn more about Conscious box HERE