Friday, November 9, 2012

Conscious Box via Pure Citizen (unboxing #3)

Here is the video of me opening my third (1 of 3) Conscious Box, which I  got as part of an offer on a site called Pure Citizen. Check out this post HERE to see what was in my first box and to learn more about these companies. And I will link the other videos/posts so that you can see all three. Feel free to rate (video), subscribe comment (here or on the video).


                              Unboxing #1
                              Unboxing #2
                               A few things got mixed around as I took pics so you might see items here
                               that that are not in the vid. What I've already sampled is:
                               Wild Rose Aromatherapy Balancing mosturizing - I enjoyed this
                               essential oil blend
                               RW Garcia Dippers - these are basically tortilla chips that are made to
                               dip.  I liked them a lot. I don't think I would use them for dipping since they're
                               so flavorful.
                              Clandestino Banana Bar - I tasted and of course I did not like it. Like
                              I said in the video, I like my bananas straight up. Not mixed with anything
                              Geodeo deodorant - I've use this before and like it.