Friday, August 24, 2012

I Ran My First Race! 312 Wheat Ale Run

On Tuesday, August 21st I ran my very first race. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a race because there were really no prizes besides a few raffle giveaways. Plus, this was a free run so there was no registration fee and no free tees or finisher bling. There was however complementary beer for finishers but I'm not a beer girl.  Anyway, the run was hosted by 312 Wheat Ale and it was a 3mile/5mile run. I'm a beginner so I choose to run the 3. And I did not run the whole way. I had to start walking about 10 minutes into the run *sighs* because my feet started to burn a little. I think I definitely need new shoes. Also, I was a little concerned about my toenail which started to lift of my toe earlier that day *another sigh*  so I think that made me a little self-conscious. Basically, my focus was a little off ; I felt unprepared.  And although I've been running a little over a month now and have successfully run 3 straight miles, I've been having the hardest time doing again. I do plan to keep at it though. And hopefully one day those 3 miles will be a breeze to me.

Special shout out to the shirtless man on the lakefront who passed me up 3 or 4 times. I'm sure he was running a 5 or 6 minute mile *rolls eyes* I'll get there some day.

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