Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wishlist: Wheatgrass Juicer and Growing Kit

When I am out and about I'll sometimes stop by a health food store or juice bar and grab a shot of wheatgrass juice. It does not taste that great but it's supposed to have some great benefits so I sacrifice the taste for nutrition's sake. I've also taken wheatgrass supplements in pill form and I've used little powder packets that you add to water or juice. And although I do like the supplement, I like fresh  best. And since I'm am not going to a juice bar everday, I've decided want to grow and juice the wheatgrass myself. I've seen some juicers and growing kits for decent prices. I've also heard of some people growing the wheatgrass by simply adding the seed to moist paper towel in a tray and tending to it. Either way, I definitely want the juicer and I'll let ya know if I get one and how I like it.