Thursday, May 16, 2013

Out and About: Free Makeup Class At Sephora #2

In another post I mentioned how I attended a free makeup class at Sephora. Well, I went to another free class on Sunday, 12, 2013 at the same Sephora (Watertower).  This second class was called Lashes, Liners, and Brows,  though the main focus was applying false eyelashes. And please note that I have attempted false lashes many times but I'm still getting the hang of it. Having the instructors there to guide made me feel more comfortable about applying lashes again. They were very helpful and gave me a few more tips such as shaping the lashes by gently wrapping them around your finger (or pen, pencil, etc...). Another tip was to place the glue on the edge or top of the band instead of the actual band/band. These tips made the lash application easier for me but I could still use more practice. I suppose I will keep trying until I get better.  I don't plan to wear them often. I just would like the option for days when I want to glam up a bit.

After class, one of the associates showed us their store's new toy, the Sephora Skincare IQ. This machine matches you with products that are perfect for your skin based on your skincare concerns. You're asked a series of questions and the machine uses your answers  to suggest several products. Then it prints out detailed information about the products including ratings, regimen, and suggested usage.

Note: Pictured in first photo is an instructor and a class participant

Sephora Skincare IQ

Detailed Skincare Match

I really enjoyed the class and learned some cool new tricks. And since it was Mother's Day so there were fewer participants and more one-on-one instruction. There was also another goodie bag and some other treats which are pictured. I will definitely be signing up for the next one. And I'll also be back to play around with the Skincare IQ.

 Left: Sephora lashes they gave me in class
Right-Goodie bag contents: Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream,
                                                        Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream 

Free item I got with Sephora Insider Points

Two free fragrance pouches. I think they passing these out for Mother's Day.
I gave them to my sis-I'm more of a solid perfume/oil girl.