Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beauty Bargain Find: Sophyto Phytotherapy Anti-Aging Care Kit

I love a good bargain! Don't you? And I recently found a fantastic bargarin at Marshalls. I was checking out their beauty aisle, as I always do,  and came across Sophyto Phytotherapy Anti-Aging Care Kit. If you have not heard of Sophyto, it is an all natural and organic skincare line free of artificial fragrance, color, fillers, and parabens.
Here's more info about Sophyto* via their website:

   " All Sophyto products are based in the advanced science of phytotherapy. This holistic approach 
     to skincare harnesses the healing power of botanicals and other powerful bioactive ingredients to 
     naturally nourish and restore skin's youthful glow. Every Sophyto anti-aging product delivers 
     professional results, yet is formulated with pure, natural ingredients."

I was already familiar with this line before picking up the kit. In fact, I've tried the products before thanks to a small sampler that I got from (they no longer carry Sophyto). And I liked what I sampled but never bought full sizes because the prices were more than I was willing to spend. So when I saw this kit in Marshalls, I picked it up immediately. And then I saw the $12.99 price tag; I couldn't believe it was so inexpensive. You can't even buy one of their travel-sized items for under $10. And the kit is currently selling for $34.45 on So this was a steal indeed. Glad I picked it up.

Oh, and I must say that I understand Marshalls sells some (not all) products that are overstock, irregular, discontinued, nearing expiration, etc,... The items in the kit expire next year and I just noticed a typo in the ingredients list. So that might explain the discount.

The kit contains the following:
Ph optimizing restorative toner (100ml/3.381 fl.oz) currently sells for $15 on
Anti-aging Antioxidant Serum (30ml/1.014 fl.oz) currently sells for $49 on
Marine Peptide brightening treatment (30ml/ fl.oz)  currently sells for $30 on

*The Sophyto website is based in the U.K. so prices are in pounds which is why I referred to Beautysage, Amazon, and Dermstore for U.S. pricing.