Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Week in Photos, Instagram, and Vine!

I've seen several bloggers do this kind of post so I thought I would give it a go. Though, honestly, I don't do that much on instagram or vine. I have been trying to post more. So check it out and let me know what you think. And if you're not familiar with Vine, it's a social network where you post short (about 6 seconds) videos. It seems to be catching on very slowly but I've seen a few really cool video. Even some short creative films. There's a lot of potential with Vine. We'll see if get catches on any faster.
Vine only allows you to share posts to FB and Twitter but it does save the video to your phone.  So for the sake of this post I've uploaded my Vines to vimeo.

4/26 - Ok, so these two post are technically over a week old but I wanted to include them anyway. They were from the Howard Art Market last Saturday which was pretty great! It was at Sol Cafe located in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. I sold jewelry, met some nice people and the coffee was really good. All of the employees seemed really happy to be there too. I hope to do another market there soon.

5/2- This was an unusually warm day in Chicago this time of year. I think we reached about 85 degrees. I was riding along with my sister and nephew and the wind was whipping through my hair. It felt really good. especially since we've been waiting forever for warmer temps. My hair can get pretty tangled when the wind is high, but I didn't care on this day. 

5/3 - These are a few crystals that I picked up at a local bead shop. I have become obsessed with them.  I've made some earrings and plan to make some necklaces. I'll be getting more soon.

5/3 - This is a photo of my cousin and I at a Kris Kross concert. I think the year was about 1992. My older sis took us and we too excited to go. R.I.P. to Chris Kelly  (member of  Kris Kross) who was found dead on May 1, 2013. 

5/4- Trader Joe's Gluten Free Granola for breakfast

5/4 -This is the tea I had this morning. It's Vanilla Bean by Mighty Leaf Tea. 

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