Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finally! I Got Some Anita Grant!

Ever since I've been natural I've wanted to try Anita Grant's hair and beauty products. I hesitated to buy them because her company is based in the UK and shipping fees were more than I wanted pay. And besides, I have loads and loads of other products already, so I figured I could wait. Then  she had an awesome sale that offered free international shipping. I took this as my cue to give her products a try. Please note that I got all sample sizes and my total came to about $24 US. Also, I have not tried everything yet but I'll you know which ones I did try.
Here is what I got:

                                                        Rhassoul Deep Condish

From top l to r
I really like this product. I uses it on skin and hair. It's very smooth and creamy and smells great.
I used this for and few days and didn't love it. I give it another try though.
I really like this and would love a full size bottle. I used it on skin and hair. The scent is more woodsy than coconut and I really like it.