Friday, December 16, 2011

Cyber Monday Haul!

When I comes to beauty/skincare/fragrance items I have always gravitated toward natural, handmade, indie, quirky, and hard to find brands. I have also always been intrigued by imported  beauty brands/items. I've spent many a day in some local apothecaries that sell imported beauty and health products. And whenever I go to an ethnic market, I always end up in the health and beauty section looking for interesting products. So when I came across (an Asian beauty online shop) I was excited to see what cool products I could find. There were plenty of items that I wanted to try but I settled on 8 products that I listed below. Also, I purchased from Sasa on Cyber Monday so there were some great discounts and I got free shipping. The total cost for the products that I bought was $25.70. Here's what I got:

Hadalabo Gokujyun Face Wash  3.5 oz - $8.10
C+M Moisturizers UV White Moisturising Emulsion 2.2 oz - $3.20

Sasatinnie Detoxifying Oil Control Face mask (1 mask sheet) - 1.00
VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Pure Black Charcoal Pack (1 pack) - 2.80

Kanebo Oil Blotting Paper Super Absorbent - 80 Sheets - $2.60
Kuan Yuan Lian Green Beans Cleanser (Refill) 80 g - 3.50
Holika Holika Magic Sebum Sponge Powder mask - $4.50

So far, I 've only sampled the first two items (cleanser and moisturizer)  and the blotting sheets; they all work well. Though the cleanser was a little drying.  Also, not all of the ingredients are listed on the website and the packaging on some items are all in another language. So, there's a chance of having not so favorable ingredients in some products. I tried to opt for items that were mostly natural. I'll probably sample the other items during this week. If any of them are exceptionally great, I'll let ya know. Oh, and I do know that some imported brands are under the umbrella of larger beauty corporations - I try to stay away from those unless the product really intrique. Also, does sell plenty of American beauty products; I assume that they are just as interested in our products as I am with theirs. Anyway, I'll be perusing and checking out what else I might want to try.
Are you interested in imported skincare/beauty?