Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shecky's Girls Night Out! I Went!

A couple nights ago, my friends and I went to Shecky's Girl's Night Out and there were tons of women there; a lot more than we expected. In fact, we arrived a little late in hopes of there being little to no line at the entrance. However, the line was jam packed and a little disorderly I must say. Anyhow, we got in and boy was there tons to see. There were plenty of vendors selling everything from jewelry, and clothing, to bath and body products and more. There were also lots of sponsors selling and giving out samples of their products including drinks and snacks. My friends and I checked out most of the vendors and of course I had to make a personal trip to each and every seller of "smell goods" of which there were about five.

Huh? You wanna know if I bought any "smell good" stuff? Of course I did! I bought some soap from a company called Kejor and some manicure scrub (called hand candies) from Bath by Riley. The soap is called Nature and smells great and is all natural. And the manicure scrub or hand candies are awesome-they are individually wrapped like candy and smell incredible; I think I will not only use them for my hands but for my body also.

Now, I can't make a blog post about Shecky's Girl's Night out without mentioning the "Goodie Bag" which is filled with all types of products and samples from the night's sponsors. The goodie bag costs $15 ( you can buy it when you order your ticket online) and is well worth it because there were a couple of full-sized products in the bag that were well over $15. Needless to say I was pleased and would definitely do Shecky's again. The only thing that was missing was chocolate and I am very serious about that. How can you have an event for women that has everything (snacks, drinks, shopping, smell goods, free samples, etc..) and no chocolate. So that is my one suggestion to Shecky's-get some chocolate people in there. That is all!

Note: I apologize for the lack of photos in this post; I had some issues with flickr that I have not been able to resolve.