Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Upcycle/Recycle Project!

A few weeks ago I decided to start working on some jewelry made with items that I already had. And the items I am speaking of are are fabric, leather, broken jewelry, etc.... I have made a few cool interesting things that I will take photos and list on Etsy. However, I have also make a few things that are not cool at all or they are taking longer to make than I thought they would. For instance I am working on a leather cuff make from leather scraps ( that I have had forever) . I started working on this cuff yesterday thinking it would be an easy project but I was wrong. It's day two and I am still working on it-trying to figure out a way to close it without it looking goofy. And of course I could use snaps but I was being cheap and did not want to buy anything new for these projects. Anyway, I am off to try and finish that cuff and a few more items so that I can take photos on Wednesday (which will be th only sunny day this week) and list them. Plus, I have a gig this week from Thursday to next Tuesday so I wanted to have more items in the shop before then.
Wish me luck!

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  1. What a great project! Can't wait to see how your pieces turn out!