Friday, September 11, 2009

Chicago Esty Meet Up

Yesterday I went to the Chicago Etsy meet up and it was pretty cool. I got a chance to meet Maria Thomas who is the CEO; she personally walked around, introduced herself to individuals and asked about our shops and asked for business cards (luckily I had some on me). There were also a few other staff members (Matt, Julie, etc...) who were there . Maria, Matt, and other staff basically gave us information about themselves, Etsy, the future of Etsy, and they answered questions from sellers and buyers. The meet up took place at the Catalyst Ranch which has a very fun, colorful atmosphere and is often rented out buy corporations and business people who don't want to have meetings in stuffy board (or bored) rooms. Play-doh, crayons, pencils, stress ball, games, hula hoops, etc... were all over the room.
Overall, I am glad I went (although I had to leave early) and left having some questions answered and with a greater appreciation for Etsy.

Note: Pictures are from the Catalyst Ranch