Monday, May 25, 2009

My New Fave Morning Tea!

I usually start the morning with a cup of tea-usually something caffeinated like black, green, or yerba mate which has a natural caffeine. Recently, I stopped at the Numi tea booth at the Green Festival and picked up a few free teabag samples and some info about Numi. Within this info was a advertisement for their new line of Puerh teas and I thought they looked pretty interesting. A few days later I was at a World Market and saw the Numi Puerh teas and decided to try one. I picked up the Emperor's Puerh which is a black tea and the description on the box said it was rich, bold and malty-those three words are what made me buy it. Also, I thought it was $5.69 which is less than some other teas I have bought. Then I found out later (when I got home because I was not paying attention when the cashier was scanning) that it was 8.99. Oh well, buy the time I looked at the receipt, I had already had a cup of this tea and I really liked it a lot. I like it enough to buy another box although there is only 16 bags per box. Plus, I saw it for cheaper (about $7.59) at Whole Foods so I will def buy it again. And maybe I will try one of the other options too (Chocolate Black, Mint Green, Magnolia Black). Here are a few health benefits of Pu erh teas.