Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love These Soaps!

I love soap and I always have. Especially pretty, handmade, natural,organic and imported soaps. I am one of those people who never runs out of the stuff. In fact, my dresser drawers are lined with bars of soap from all types of health food stores, apothecaries and online shops. You know how people make grocery lists or to do lists? Well, I make to buy and to try lists and soaps take up quite a bit of space on this list. Oh, and I have heard about that soap scum stuff but I just ignore it. Anyway, my latest soap finds come from a couple of etsy shops (2 of which are on vacation now-sorry but I needed a blog post) that I have been eyeing for a while. One shop is called Savor and I bought two soaps from this shop which were great: Red Lychee Bubble Tea -- Olive Oil Soap and Hawaiian Orange Alaea -- Salt Bar

Red Lychee Orange Hawaiian

Another etsy shop that I bought soap from is naiad where I bought Cardamom Vanilla Marshmallow Cream soap (which smells awesome).

Cardamom Vanilla

Lastly, but certainly not least is a shop called dirtysanchez where I bought noncommittal which is a sampler (5 ample slices) and you get to choose which samples you want. The samples I got were hay, pollinator, special delivery, irish wedding and nostalgia. They all smelled wonderful and I will definitely be back to dirtysanchez to buy full sizes. Plus this shop and cool, funny and full of sarcasm.