Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Green Festival Weekend!

This past weekend the beau and I went to the Green Festival at Navy Pier. I was able to get free passes and we took the CTA Orange line (public trans.) downtown instead of driving because parking (especially garages) is just too costly and finding a park is a game of chance it is the eco thing to do. It was the beau's first time on CTA so he finally got a taste of my frustration with public trans particularly on the 29 bus (orange line train was rather quiet) which goes to Navy Pier-it was pretty crowded.

Anyway, we got to Green Festival and walked around a bit or a lot rather. We picked up plenty of free samples, coupons, and pamphlets. We also saw a few demonstrations including the AOK Alimtox ( detox foot bath) which was pretty darn gross. And I say gross because the AOK Alimtox is suppose to draw toxins out the the body and the water or solution in the foot bath changed colors depending on what toxins were coming out of the person. Needless to say there was some pretty funky looking water in those foot baths.

We were both determined not to spend much money so the only things we bought a Green Monkey brownie and cup of Kombucha. And I also bought a Blissoma sprayable lotion and some raw vegan Cru Cacao truffles which were really, really, intense.
Cru Cacao

Blissoma Spray Lotion

That was pretty much it. We walked a little more, picked up a few more samples, and got more information on some local organizations with green missions and then we left.

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