Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Birthday Haul - Pacifica, Sephora, Goodwill, and More!

My birthday was on July 27th and I just wanted to show a couple of the things I got. And I'm focusing more on birthday perks/rewards from some of the companies I follow than actual gifts. FYI, I filmed this video a while ago but have just been able to successfully get it off of my camera *sigh* Thankfully, I was able to upload it before the end of this month. Check it out to find out more. Please rate and subscribe. And please watch in HD. Oh, and I'm at the beau's place here.

          Coconut Kiss Lip Butters and Enlightened Gloss from Pacifica


              Beauty Insider Birthday Gift From Sephora

             Canon Powershot A4000 IS

              Tone Fitness Gloves

                 Buffalo top from Goodwill

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  1. I love freebies! I also get the beauty insider birthday gift from Sephora. Anthropologie gives gifts on your bday. Oh also Starbucks. A free drink any size!

    1. Oooh! I'll have to check out Anthropologie. And I think I got a drink from Argo tea. Forgot about that one.