Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Out and About: Dose Market and Fela The Musical

On Sunday I attended two events that I've been really wanting to go to which are Dose and Fela the Musical.

First I went to Dose which is a year round, monthly, market which features some of Chicago's best artisan food and fashion vendors. I first heard of Dose about a year ago. I thought it sounded really cool and I wanted to go . Each month I would make plans to go but somehow my plans always changed. So this month I decided I was going and I did. I got there pretty late though thanks to a last minute wardrobe malfunction and a really slow train. When I finally arrived there was only 45 minutes left until closing. And that was plenty time to look around but most of the food vendors were out of stock by then. I ended up getting a Mushroom Slider from Mana Food Bar (which is delish but I've had it before), a yummy sugarcane lime drink from Peeled, a couple of Lucilia's Homemade Alfajores and tea from Senteamental Moods. I walked around a bit more, checked out the fashion, jewelry, and housewares and headed out. I hope to go again next month and get there much earlier-before everything is sold out.

While I was on my way to Dose I got a text from my cousin. She said she had an extra ticket to Fela and asked if I wanted to go. Well....of course I did. There has been so much buzz  and rave reviews about Fela over the past few years. And since it's been in Chicago I've seen lots of people in my social networks talk about seeing it and how great it was. So I was very excited and felt lucky to get the chance to see it....ON CLOSING NIGHT.

Seeing Fela was truly an amazing experience. It was exhilirating and very high energy. Everything was phenomenal from the singing, music, dancing, and acting to the set, makeup and costumes. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and hope to see again someday. Yeah Yeah!

If you're not familiar with Fela The Musical it is described as a hybrid of concert, musical theater, and dance that explores the life of activist and Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. You can check out Fela's Youtube Channel and see clips of the show, backstage footage, celebs and theatergoers express their love for the show, and more.