Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teeccino Herbal Coffee!

I like coffee, I really do but I've recently been trying to cut back on the caffeine a little bit-mostly because I hate having that feeling of dependency.  And although I claim that I am not addicted and  just really love the taste,  I do seem to develop a headache and tiredness when I don't have coffee.

So I have decided to give coffee alternatives a try and one of the brands that I really enjoy is Teeccino which is an herbal coffee.  It is ground like regular coffee and you brew it the same way. And I must say that it tastes great and yields a deep, rich coffee-like beverage. Plus there are many flavors to choose from and my favorites so far are Vanilla Nut and Maya Chocolate.  An 11oz bag will run you about $8.99 on the website and there are also trial sizes for $2.00 a packet. I've also seen Teeccino in Whole Foods but I don't quite recall the price.

Oh, and I must mention their newest product called Tee-Bags which Teeccino in tea bag form. And they come individually wrapped so you can take them wherever you go. I have bought a couple of boxes and I was not disappointed. I got the same tastes with the convenience of a tea bag.  So, if you are interested in trying coffee alternatives I think Teeccino is a great choice and you can get a free sample by subscribing to their newsletter. Give it a try and let me know if you like it.

By the way, I know some of you might be wondering why I don't just drink decaf and the reason is simple-I like to try new things. And please note that I  have not totally given up coffee, I just don't drink it as much as I did. As a matter of fact I have not had a cup of coffee all week and I feel fine. No withdrawal headaches or drowsiness. Yay!