Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Local Indie: Products Of The Earth!

Products Of The Earth is a local Chicago company that sells haircare and bodycare products. They were selling their items at an event that I happened to be vending at also. And since I am such a "product junkie" I had to stop by their table and take a look at their products. Needless to say I liked what I saw because here I am writing about them. All of the products are natural and full of oils, butters, and herbs that are great for skin and hair. So of course I had to buy something. And though they had many products I was interested in trying I finally settled on the Herbal Hair Revitalizer and the Herbal Body Lotion. I have been using both these products since I got them and I really like them. I would definitely buy them again and next time I'll check out some of their other products. I am particularly interested in the Revitalizer Spray. Maybe I'll try that next! Hmmm! We'll see and I'll keep you posted.

Note: All photos are from the Products Of The Earth website-I will remove all photos if requested by representatives of the company