Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Upcoming Show: Randolph Street Market

In a few weeks (March 20-21) I will be a vendor at the Randolph Street Market's Spring Fling which is a craft show that features new, up and coming, indie designers. I had heard about this market before but never really thought about vending there. However, at my last show (The Handmade Market) one of the organizers of the Randolph Street Market gave me her card and told me that I should do their market and that they had some lowers rate for new designers. So, I pretty much jumped on this opportunity right away because I could always use new outlets to sell my jewelry. And now I am pretty busy making plenty of new items for this show and a few other shows that I might participate in. I want to try and stay stocked up so I don't have to make new stuff for every new show. Anyway, that is what's going on with me right now and I will keep everyone posted about more shows and I got a few beauty reviews coming up so stay tuned.

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