Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Huge Lips , Skinny Hips - Part Deux

In one of my previous posts I asked you all for your thoughts on a product called
Huge Lips Skinny Hips which is a lip gloss/ plumper/ appetite suppressant. The majority of you who commented said that it sounded like an interesting concept, a great marketing ploy, and that you would try it but did not have $20 or more to spend on one gloss. I also mentioned that I would try it if I had more disposable income.

Well, since then, Karen Robinovitz (who was kind enough to leave a comment on my last post), and her indie company (Purple Lab Cosmetics ) have sort of exploded on the beauty scene. They're in magazines, on blogs, YouTube, and were recently on HSN showcasing Huge Lip Skinny Hips (which I will abbreviate at HLSH) along with their other products. And although I rarely watch home shopping shows, I was really interested in watching Purple Lab on HSN. So I watched and all of the products looked and sounded great.
<---- And there was a deal on the HLSH which was 2 for $29.50 so I thought this would be the perfect time to try it. I ordered the No Panty Lines which is clear and Worship Kate which is a mauve color. I gave them a test try as soon as I got them in the mail and I really liked them. HLSH has a nice subtle shine, it's not tacky, is very lightweight, and I did see some plump action although my lips don't need much plumping. There was no stinging or burning like some other plumpers and I have also noticed that the clear gloss enhances my natural lip color quite nicely. As for the appetite suppressant I don't think I really paid attention to whether I felt hungry or not. Sorry! Maybe one day I'll make a conscious effort to gauge my appetite and update this post.

Overall I really like HLSH and would purchase again. I am also interested in trying some of Purple Lab's other products and they will be on HSN again on March 29th and 30th so maybe there will be another deal I can take advantage of. I will let you all know if I purchase something but until then it's back to making jewelry.

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