Monday, March 29, 2010

Etsy Team EAOC Empowerment Group Purchase!

Hey everyone, I recently got a sale on Etsy  (gasp) which makes sale number eight. And here is  the message from the seller: I'm sure my daughter will love these!! This is an EAOC Empowerment Club purchase. Join the club:
 I have been a member the EAOC (Etsy Artists of Color) Etsy team for a while but this was my first time seeing anything about the Empowerment Club in which each member makes 1 purchase a month from another EAOC Etsy shop. So of course I joined the club and made my first monthly purchase which was from
Good Enough to Eat Natural Products. I bought a bar of soap and some body cream . You can see them here:

I also bought some products (body oil and a whipped soap)  from The Ivory Magnolia Bath & Body Luxuries.
and here is what I bought:

I can't wait to try these wonderful goodies from my teammates and If you are an artist of color feel free to join the EAOC team and the Empowerment club (the link in first paragragh will take you to the group).