Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Going Natural!!!

This post comes about 8 months late but I am going natural which means that will no longer get my hair relaxed (chemically straightened) and will wear my hair in it's natural state (kinky/coily).I got my last relaxer or touch up about eight months ago and I am transitioning which means that my new natural hair is growing in but I still have relaxed ends. I will soon cut these relaxed ends off and wear/style my natural hair .

My decision to go natural is pretty much based on how I have been living my life for the past couple of years. I have been eating healthier foods, using healthier products on my skin and hair. I try to eat and use products that have very little to no chemicals so I figured the next step would be to get rid of the chemical relaxer that I put on my hair.

This is sort of a big deal for me and for many other women of color who decide to go natural because many of us have had our hair straightened from a very young age. Many of us have been taught/told that our natural hair is too nappy or unmanageable and that straight hair is better or best. Therefore, many of us don't really know what our natural textures look like. Hence, the fear of the unknown. If you don't understand how one doesn't know what their natural texture looks like, I will explain.

I (along with many other women of color) got my hair pressed as a young girl. My hair was washed, put into a couple of big braids to dry overnight, and then pressed in the morning with a pressing comb. I got my hair washed and pressed about once a week or every two weeks. And for the summer my hair was braided up until it was about time to go back to school. Once I got to be about 13 years old I got a relaxer and have been getting touch ups every six to eight weeks since, or at least until now. Therefore, I never really saw what my natural hair "really" looked like or what it could do on its own; it was always either straightened or up in braids. And I must say now that I am seeing my natural hair, I am loving it. I have also been reading a lot of blogs, watching YouTube videos, and joining online communities that are geared toward natural hair and they are really helping me through my journey. And I am discovering all types of products and hairstyles . I am really excited and will share my experiences with you from time to time.

Note: The photo is a close up of my hair from about a month ago.


  1. I'm so excited to see your hair! I think that more women of color should definitely make the choice to go natural. It's so beautiful!

  2. Wonderful, Jasmin! Our natural hair is such a work of art. I've been natural since I was 19 (now 35). However, I did have the Doobies, and yes it was fierce. But once I went natural, I remembered the hair from my childhood.... beautiful! Here's to your gorgeous curls!

  3. Fantastic Jasmin! I have been natural for 10 yrs and love it. I do agree with you that many women of color don't know (or remember) what their natural hair looks/feels like. Like you I went through the pressing stage then on to relaxers at an early age. Going natural has been very liberating.

    Congratulations to you!

  4. Thank you all!
    @Angelina Fong Designs-Yes natural hair is beautiful and I have always thought so but was too afraid to do it my self

    @Smell Goods Lady You went natural at 19? Wow, I wish I would have had the nerve to do it back then but I was so ignorant about natural hair

    @LisaBTB I am feeling liberated already and I haven't even done the big chop yet but it is coming soon. And I don't miss my straight hair at all

  5. Congrats. I've been natural my whole life. Welcome to a wealth of work and profit!!

  6. @ BohemianSoul thank you and @ Yet it think it's wonderful that you have been natural your whole life