Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've Been Quite Busy!!!


Well it's the holiday season and If your are a crafter like me it's a really busy time. Especially when you've got craft shows to do, boutiques to submit to, and gifts to make for family and friends. Personally, I have spent the last month making jewelry for the aforementioned reasons. I've had one craft show already which took place this weekend (The Handmade Market) and I did quite well but I did not take many pics because I am still working on getting my table display to look better (it's still a little messy as you can see). I am doing this same show next month on Dec. 12. Also, the owner of the one shop where I sell jewelry (Habit, 1951 W. Division, Chicago), wants me to submit a few more pieces so that there is a nice amount of stock for the holidays. Plus, I've got few custom orders to fill. So I have allowed myself to relax for the last couple days because I know it's full speed ahead from here until January! Whew!

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