Monday, March 2, 2009

Yay for my Homemade Studio in a Box!

I do not have the best digital camera and I am not the best photographer. I make and sell jewelry on etsy, so I wanted to have better pictures of what I was selling. I read that studios in a box could make pictures of small items (like jewelry) look a hundred times better that just shooting them in a regular setting. So I did some searching on amazon and found a few options(from about $20-$70), but I am on a tight budget so I held off on buying one. Instead, I did a google search for how to make one and found a great step-by-step blog post (Strobist). I made it (for $0-already had everything I needed), and it does not look as good as the ones on amazon or the one on the blog-but it helped my pictures out some. I still have a ways to go though. The pictures shown are before and afters