Friday, March 27, 2009

Aw Man! No Handmade Market for The Summer!

About a month ago I participated in a craft show called the Handmade Market. I had a nice time there and I made some badly needed sales. This market usually happens once and month and the cost to participate was really inexpensive (about $30 and up for more space). All I had to do was bring my table and set up. There was a nice amount of traffic too so I got to meet some new people and hand out some cards. I was really looking forward to doing some more shows with them this summer. However, I received an email yesterday stating that the organizers have decided to take the summer off and restart in fall. I was really sad to hear this because I made a decent amount of cash there (way more than I have made on etsy). I guess I will have to find some other opportunities although many of the craft fairs and shows here in Chicago have high fees, are juried, or have deadlines that I've already missed(for the summer)!*whimper* I do have more Bloomingdales shows coming up though. But cash up front is sooo great!