Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tea infused Chocolate Bars

I was recently doing some browsing in World Market and came across some tea infused chocolate bars. These bars are made by a company called The Tea Room and they are certified organic. The bars come in six flavors: white chocolate w/chamomile tea & honey, milk chocolate w/Bedouin's fear tea, milk chocolate w/ honeybush caramel tea, milk chocolate w/ masala chai tea, dark chocolate w/ green earl grey tea, and extra dark chocolate with green mate, star anise and nibs. Only four of the flavors (chamomile, honeybush, masala chai, green earl grey) were available in the World Market store I went to. I have tried three of the flavors and I like chai and honeybush caramel best but I want to try the green mate bar and the Bedouins' fear bar.

The tea room also offers organic tea infused truffles , loose teas macaroons, and party favors. I definitely want to check out a few of the truffles.

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