Monday, January 19, 2009

Join the Inner Circle

Saffron Rouge is a website that sells only natural and organic skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. They carry many brands-some I have heard of before and others that are new to me. I, being the beauty product junkie that I am, was interested in so many of the products on this site. I wanted to try almost every product I saw, especially the brands I had never heard of. However, I simply can not afford to spend much money on skincare these day, so I decided to join their sampling program. The program is called the Kirstin's Inner Circle and costs $35 to join. A membership gets you a couple of samples ( of the very best organic and natural beauty products) every month for 12 months and a detailed letter about the product. Also, there is usually an exclusive (for Inner Circle members) percentage amount off of that product or brand for a month. I have even received one full size product (valued at $17) as one of my monthly samples. Whoo Hoo! so glad I joined-now when I get some real money I can buy full-sizes of the products I like.