Friday, October 10, 2008

Design Your Own Cereal!! Why Didn't I Think of This?

Have you ever seen a product or company that is so cool you wish you had thought of it? Of course, every has!! Well today I came across a website that let's you design your own cereal. Yup, that's right, customize your very own cereal. The name of the website is and on this site you can mix and match all types of natural goodies to come up with your own cereal concoction. First you choose a base cereal of which there are 4 choices- artisanal, flaxed and flaked, samurai wheat, and raw 5-grain muesli. Then you can enhance that base with more grains or cocoa covered treats-there are about 13 items to choose from for this step. Next, you can choose from 13 types of dried fruit (papaya, mulberry, goji, plus the classics) to add to your cereal. The last step gives you 14 types of seed and nuts to choose from and at last you can give your creation a name. I must also mention how simple this whole design process is - it's basically all drag and drop. You start from step 1, see images of your choices, drag and drop that choice into a bowl and go to the next step. Meanwhile, there is a counter on the right side of the screen that adds up nutrition facts and cost. Speaking of costs, the price of cereal ranges from $4.90 for 600g (21 oz) to however much you want to spend on grains, nuts, and fruit. The cereal is shipped in a capsule type container and right now you can purchase a pink tag to support breast cancer awareness. You can also purchase a green tag to offset CO2 emissions from the making and delivery of your item. Cool Right? Plus they have some pre-mixed cereals and recommendations for those indecisive folks. The pre-mixes also includes a cereal called pink& goji of which some of the proceeds will support breast cancer awareness.

Now, If you're like me, you are probably thinking this is a great idea. You're also thinking I can probably design my own cereal by going to the health food store and mixing and matching some bulk items. However, you still really want to do this. I know I do. And I will, just not right now. Why? Because these tough times have caused me to really tighten up on my spending-so much so that cereal has become a luxury item. I know that might sound ridiculous to some but it is a reality for me. The last time I went shopping for groceries, I had to shop twice as long because I could not make any impulse buys. That sucks!!! I even had to buy the cereal in the bag. They were puffed kamut and cost $1.99. Hopefully things turn around for me and the country soon. At that point I will design my own cereal at then it's puffed kamut with a little cinnamon and agave.

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