Thursday, February 28, 2013

So.....What Have You Worked On Today?

So....what have you worked on today?  I speaking mostly to those of you who make and sell handmade goods and or/blog. And especially to those who are not working a steady job. Did you start a project? Work on an existing project? If so, how much time did you spend working on that project? Do you work on your projects everyday?

As for me, I spent a couple of hours cutting and polishing some metal for a custom order and some earrings that I want to add to the shop. The plan is add pretty pantinas to them. I hope to complete them tonight and add to the shop tomorrow.

I try to work on my jewelry everyday. Whether it's actually making something, or promoting and improving my Etsy shop with better photos, banners, descriptions, etc...However, I do have those days when I get preoccupied with other things (lately it's been helping my sister who's been having health challenges)and   jewelry has to take a back seat.  I really want to get to the point where I am making something new everyday. Especially since I'm not working a 9-5 (though I am looking) and have time to create. And maybe I'll do a daily, or weekly blog post showing what I worked on each day. That way, I'll have more jewelry to sell and more to blog about. And you can let me know what you worked on too. Until then, here's to productivity!