Thursday, May 24, 2012

Using Pinterest To Promote? Yep!

I've been on Pinterest since last year and a few days ago I created a pin board solely for the purpose of promoting/featuring my jewelry. Why am I so late to the party, you ask? Well, in the early days of Pinterest, self-promoting was discouraged. In fact, it was mentioned in their Pin Etiquette (which has since changed) that promotion should not be the intention. So I held off on pinning my jewels en masse.

That was then though. Nowadays, plenty of businesses (large and small) are using Pinterest as a promotional tool as well as a way to engage fans/potential customers. And besides, as I mentioned earlier, their 'Pin Etiquette' has changed and there is no mention of promotion. So I decided to join in and start pushing my jewelry more. I'll be subtle though and maybe I'll pin one or two items a day; three at the max. I'm Jazjewelz on there if you'd like to follow me. See ya there.        

Are you on Pinterest?
If you are a business owner or crafter, do you use Pinterest to promote?

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